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Modena wrote this wonderful poem for her daughter Connie who was expecting her first child.



We all need children, our life to share,

God above hears every prayer.

To me you come first in my Motherhood,

God sent you, but I knew He would.

I prayed for a girl with golden hair,

Someone to love, Someone to care.

From among many you were chosen for me,

Eagerly you came, a heart full of glee.

Anxious to be here, you wanted nothing to miss

You couldn't wait, to be Big Sis.

From the very first with that healthy yell.

I knew right then you had something to tell.

Big blue eyes smiled up at me,

"HI MOM!" Near your heart I'll always be".

"Thank you, God", I began to whisper,

"Thank you, Lord, for this big Sister".

I can shut my eyes and see your face,

From little fat cheeks, to beautiful grace.

Your life was a purpose, you've done it well,

What you mean to me I can never tell.

God's blessing you've been, as you'll always be,

You were my first, so special to me.

It's now your turn, your first child is near,

There's no need for worry, nothing to fear.

God will give you a little girl or boy,

Whichever He chooses, It's sure to bring joy.

Just lift your heart, pray to heaven above,

"God fill it with laughter, It's heart full of love".

Yes, It's for you what to me you have been,

My Child, My First even My Best Friend.

Now, My Daughter dear, I can say to you,

You're still giving as you always do.

But you've never given, a thing more worthwhile.

Then this beautiful gift, My GRANDCHILD.

I'll know when I look on Its tiny face,

Someone prayed to fill an empty space.

So with a great big prayer it had to begin,

It'll be your first and come with a grin.

You'll never forget that glorious day,

You too will know it has something to say.

It will look up at you with eyes so round,

"HI MOM" God heard and sent me down"….

Modena Long Miller

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