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Welcome To

Chair Bottom





Hello and welcome to our neck of the woods.This is the starting point for our family pages.You will meet some interesting people here so go on in and meet the family. Don't forget to wipe your feet first!!


The first house in the hollow is where you will find our family photo album. There are pictures here of both the Long and Gentry families. One of these days  I hope to have our family genealogy here but until I can get that organized I hope you will drop in and browse through the family pictures. 






Over the next hill you will find the home belonging to my aunt and uncle, Loise and Arvel Long. In February they celebrated their 81st wedding anniversary.. Can you imagine that? They love company so stop in and say hello.






You will find my sisters homes through the door below





I love graphics and using them to build these pages but I have no talent when it comes to making them. I would like to thank the following people for their generosity in making their wonderful graphics available to people like me. They are very talented people and deserve all the credit I can give them. Many thanks from Penny!!